Best Albums & Shows of 2017

I made a playlist for & a list of SOME of my favorite albums & shows of 2017. I know I'm forgetting so much... It has been a long year full of good music & art but this is a good little bundle of music I'd highly recommend... namely Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Moor Mother Lau Nau Big ‡ Brave Xarah Dion Colin Stetson Souns There is so much good music out there! make sure to support the artists you're excited about! buy albums & go out to more shows if possible! Music is magic... It brings us together in a time when it is really easy to feel isolated / alienated... OK Love to you all! - DJ COGZ



The Montreal Sessions

The December Montreal Sessions are up here

This was my first time hosting a radio show! i'll be doing it again for January every Tuesday 3-5 leading up to LUX MAGNA Festival at CKUT 90.3FM Interviewing Montreal artists and playing mostly local music! Stay tuned! First shows feature interviews with Joni Void & Jessica Moss, music from Lido Pimienta, Ziibiwan, Hundred Waters, White Magic, C.Diab, Mattress, Shearing Pinx, Grouper, Heather Woods Broderick, Uni Ika Ai, White Poppy, Big | Brave, Lau Nau, And Also The Trees, The Veil, Ben Frost, Flying Lotus, Sergio SP, Ziur and more...

New record in the works...

I Made a record in Philadelphia last week with my buddy Tom Deis. I can't wait to share this thing and play these songs on the road. Here are some photos from the session... THANK YOU to Dani Markham of Tune-Yards / Childish Gambino and Violinist Russell Kotcher from the Chamber Orchestra of New York for showing up and throwing down so damn beautifully. Thank you Tom Deis of Uni Ika Ai for being a fantastic co-pilot on this project and a perfectly wonderful moonbeam in general and to Maia & Peter from Uni Ika Ai for yr post plague future magic. Thank you a gazillion times Mitchell & all the folks at Trinity House for being such kind hosts. Thank you to my little pack of secret ears out there feeling through the stages of growth and THANK YOU to the wild pack of turkeys who stopped traffic and tried to peck our headlights out on the way into Philly. You blessed this record. STOKED.



What the hell.

This is a strange time to be on the road. Meeting up with Nikki again today and maybe we'll write more together soon... For now I'm sending love and solidarity to all the folks who might be vulnerable right now... Especially People of Color, Undocumented Immigrants, LGBTQ People and anyone who could be targeted. 

Thank you to everyone who has been coming out to the shows and donating $ for Standing Rock. I'll be joining the National Day of Action tomorrow for NoDAPL. and I hope you do to!

Portland Pt. 1 Touring under the shadow of the impending American Federal Election…

 Drawing by Nikki Sanchez

Drawing by Nikki Sanchez


My heart jumps every time we see another damn trump campaign sign on a lawn. We leave our beloved Sou’wester and follow the Colombia River inwards. The calm before the storm is upon us. Dark grey clouds swarm above. We pass a sign that says; “Eat Jesus.” I don’t know what it means… Two pensive and confused women are we, as we drive through Oregon State. We laugh and perpetually reflect each other’s disbelief with wide eyed giggly stares as we nervously inquire with every bartender and friendly stranger we meet, “what do you think is going to happen tomorrow?” they all seem unsettlingly unconcerned— “the Trump voters won’t have ID cards that will match their voting addresses, they aren’t the smartest of the bunch”— while all the polls show the opponent's neck and neck , we are holding our breath. Will tomorrow be the Trump-pocolypse?  What will become of our beloved Planet? My internal world is matching the surreal political landscape, twisting and sparkling with fear and hope. I clamor for a reassuring perspective. I want to believe these folks when they say that this ego-maniacal raging fascist won’t be elected, but the possibility seems quite real. 

ONWARDS TO ANACORTES! (At least we will be as close as possible to the Canadian border if today is indeed the last day of our world as we know it)

Nikki & Ora