Crickets 2017 Hand Drawn Dracula

Written by Ora Cogan
Recorded by Tom Deis of Uni Ika Ai
Produced by Ora Cogan & Tom Deis

Dani Markham - Percussion & Drums
Ora Cogan - Vocals & Guitar
Tom Deis - Guitar & Synth
Maia Friedman - Vocals
Russell Kotcher - Violin

Photograph by Angelo Scaia Recorded in Philadelphia by Tom Deis at Pineapple Room Studio 2017

Shadowland 2016 Hidden City Records / Beacon Sound

Ora Cogan - Vocals and Guitar
Trish Klein - Electric guitar, Banjo
Tyson Nylor - Synth, Wulitzer
Chris Gestrin - Synth
Ryan Bekolay - Bass
Justin Devries - Drums
Zack Treble - Drums
Caton Diab - Bass
John Kastelic - Violin
Cole McBride - Bass
Hughson Welch - Bass

Ora Cogan’s acoustic guitar and vocals (except vocals 6, 8,)
lead gtr (3, 6, 11) and violin (1) recorded by Trish Klein
Drums, bass, electric guitar, synth and wurlitzer (2, 4, 5, 9) recorded by Joshua Stevenson at Otic Sound Studios.
Drums, bass, Ora’s electric guitar (1, 3, 6, 8) vocals (6, 8) recorded by Elisa Pangseang at Monarch Studios.
Synth (1, 3, 7, 10) recorded by Jesse Creed at CanMARC studio.
Bass (11) recorded by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds
Mixed by Sean Holowaychuk at profile Sound Studios.
Mastered by Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs.

* End of Nowhere by Slim Whitman, Ruler of My Heart by Allen Toussaint, Disinformation by Buffy Saint Marie, Hurts to Be Alone by Bob Marley

Cover photo by Collin Elder

Ribbon Vine 2013 Hairy Spider Legs

Ora Cogan - Vocals
Xavi Muñoz - Bass
Marcos Junquera - Drums
Max Jones - Bowed Guitar

Arranged by Max Jones and Ora Cogan
Composed by Ora Cogan
Produced by Enrique Ara Martin
Recorded at Rockaway Studios, Castellon, Spain
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk
Organized by Jose Luis Cuevas

The Quarry 2010 Borne! Recordings / Isolated Now Waves

All songs written & recorded by Ora Cogan except for "Troubled Mind"written by Sam Cooke & "Down To The River" Traditional/Ora Cogan.

Kenton Loewen - Drums on "Troubled Mind" & "In The Dark"
Ora Cogan - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Drones, Violin, Dulcimer & Drum (on track 3.)

Recorded by Jesse Taylor at Nite Prison
Produced by Ora Cogan & Jesse Taylor
Mixed by Jordan Koop
Mastered by Joshua Stevenson

Cover Photograph by Max Jones

The Boggy Mire 2010 Isolated Now Waves

All songs performed + recorded by Ora Cogan in Vancouver except for "Sugar Baby" featuring Max Jones and recorded by him in London, England 2009

Harbouring 2008 Borne! Recordings
Recorded by John Raham at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver

Tatter 2007 Independent

Vocals - Ora Cogan
Guitar - Ora Cogan
Back up vocals on "Take Me Home" and "Daisy" by Frazey Ford
Back up vocals on "My Sweetie Went Away" and bango on "Take Me Home" by Trish Klein and Back up vocals on "Motherless Child" by Trish Klein, Frazey Ford, John Raham and Mark Beaty.

Recorded by John Raham on Salt Spring Island 2007