Photo by Jackie Hutchens

Photo by Jackie Hutchens



Ora Cogan’s new record Crickets is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula. Co-produced with Tom Deis (Uni Ika Ai) in Philadelphia, Crickets inhabits a place between psychedelic folk, dark wave and experimental dream pop. The album features percussionist Dani Markham (TuneYards, Childish Gambino), violinist Russel Kotcher (Chamber Orchestra of NY), and background vocalist Maia Friedman (Uni Ika Ai).

Check out her newly added tour dates throughout the U.S. and Canada!

Gorilla Vs. Bear Premiere of Ora's lead single The Light, one of "a handful of darkly beautiful and poignant songs"
from the new album. 

She Shreds Premiere of Crickets the Title track of Ora's new album.

Gold Flake Paint Premiere of Moonbeam the third track of Crickets: "An ode to the cruelty of the world it might well be, but at its opulent meridian, ‘Moonbeam’ offers the kind of poignant and powerful escape that will lead you to return over and over again."

Press Quotes

"Multi-instrumentalist Ora Cogan makes gorgeous experimental folk compositions laced with hints of psychedelia, chamber pop, and rock." - She Shreds

"Last month Cogan debuted “The Light,” the first single from her forthcoming release Crickets. It’s notably more up-tempo than her previous work, with heavy synth and multi-layered percussion weaving complex melodies like a spider tending to its web." - Portland Mercury

"Cogan debuted a handful of darkly beautiful and poignant songs from her forthcoming album Crickets, a profoundly moving collection of visceral haunted psych-folk elegies, recorded very recently (just last month) in Philly with Tom Deis of uni ika ai. She was hands down my favorite new discovery of the fest, so it goes without saying that we're honored to premiere one of those new tracks here today." - Gorilla vs Bear

“A martial beat opens the track and provides the drive that suspends the music a few feet above our heads. The foggy guitar rhythms pour down like rain and infiltrate the dark recesses of our minds, the places where memory and self twist around one another to substantial effect. The track acts as a way of looking deeper into ourselves, and, as a result, we peer longer into both the nuance and theatricality of the world around us.” – Nooga

"This artist has an extremely unique voice that soothes as it provides a soundtrack for adventure." – CMJ

“Cogan’s drawl evokes the tone of Karen Dalton and the technique of John Martyn.” - The Wire

"This gorgeous woman opened one of our West Coast shows. This is a great record, so glad she found us." - Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions via Brooklyn Vegan

“Cogan has managed to put her musical finger onto something strange and surreal.” - The Vancouver Sun

“Time apart from reality is hard to come by.
However, if you manage, separating one’s self from the rush of worldwide goings on can yield some truly revelatory perspective. On her latest album, The Quarry, Vancouver singer-songwriter Ora Cogan finds autonomy and uses it to project moments of her life into sonic fantasy.” - Discorder Magazine                                                                                                

Photo by Miroslaw Gwiazda

Photo by Miroslaw Gwiazda

photo by Zoe Chalmers

photo by Zoe Chalmers